Generate Free Riot Points Whenever You Want

Are you a League of Legends player trying to find a way to get free riot point you can use just like if you earn or buy it? You wish you can just generate the RP anytime you want? Refill your ‘balance’ anytime you have spent it all? If so, you come to the right page. I have, finally, found a working riot points generator application that deliver real results. Just click here to visit the official page and use it right away.

Maybe you are just like me, trying to find a working League of Legends hack tool like this one for months, with no result. I have personally tried countless of tools out there, and all of them are just fake. None of them really works. And actually, some of those bogus programs contain hidden virus that will only ruin your system, or even worse steal your password.

The first thing that differentiate this riot points hack application to those fake tools is that this one is released as an online application. It doesn’t require you to download anything to be able to use it. Just visit their official page above and you can start use it right away from your browser. No additional files or programs required. This definitely make it faster for users to get their riot points delivered to their account.

By making it as an online program that requires no download, users will not have to worry about virus problem, just like if its a stand alone application that requires to get downloaded to be able to use it. There is no risk in running the tool cause it’s just like visiting regular web site like this one. You also don’t get asked for your password or username here so you will never risk your account as well.

This RP generator program actually is installed on its own server, what we see on our browser is just the user interface where we can input the required info. After that, the whole process will be done from the server. It will make it faster cause it is deployed on a high end data center, not using our internet access that will slow down the process.

It also make it safe for us to use this riot point generator. If their security staffs find suspicious activities decided to track it, all they will see will be the server IP address, not ours. Of course the developers of this program have their own procedure to make it safe for themselves. It means, you can use it right from your home using your internet connection without any worries to get traced back.

What I usually do is, use the tool from my phone or laptop, connected to public wifi connection like in a library or school. This way I will be totally anonymous. However, just like stated above, you are perfectly safe to use it from your home. I just have the privilege to use public connection to double my anonymous layer. You don’t have to do that.

Oh yes, you can use the program from your smartphone, regardless of the operating system. You can also use it on any computer with any OS on it. This tool only requires browser and internet connection, so no compatibility issue here. It runs smoothly on tiny device like your blackberry device, the interface is designed mobile friendly. Very convenient. Good job from the developers team!

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